April 2023 • Newsletter


It feels so good to reconnect with you again.

I hope you are all enjoying some of these warmer days …  except of course, this last week when it went chilly again. Spring flowers are coming up and on sunny days we all go from good to great 

The real estate market continues to be very interesting. You can see from the information gathered below that our sales are far below seasonally normal. However, listings available for buyers is also far below normal. This appears to be a universal problem in all of beautiful BC.
  • If we had more listings, we would have more sales. The Vancouver market is extremely busy once again experiencing a flurry of sales – some selling quickly with multiple offers. This will bring buyers looking to explore options on the Sunshine Coast, however, with limited inventory, their catchment net is significantly greater, and also looking on the island, and possibly into the Okanogan.
  • The lack of inventory contributes to the holding of our price points and prevents further decreases that were experienced towards the end of 2022.  
I am always grateful for your kind recommendations.  Your continued endorsements to friends, family & colleagues looking for real estate advice and service provide a steady stream of awesome new contacts.  THANK YOU!

I am now into my 33rd year as a realtor and still loving what I do … I am Blessed.

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